Practice manager salaries: 6 interesting facts from previous surveys

Are partners earning more? In which regions are the highest earners? For the Salary Survey’s tenth birthday, FPM looks back at last year’s results and tells you what they learned from all your responses!

Going live on EMIS Web

Well after the 12 week familiarisation period the day came to eventually go live. I have to admit to not sleeping well the night before but I got into work bright and early at 7:30am. As a surgery that still works with an open morning surgery there was a queue of 2, an hour before […]

The Secret Diary of a Practice Manager

When a Mystery Practice Manager decides to blog for other practice managers, you get an absolute page clicker. No wonder this was a hit amongst FPM Blog readers: from tentative vacation breaks to the cloning of self between 999 calls and the birth of a royal baby called CCG, it’s hard not to relate in a burst of laughter. But enough spoilers, here are the latest chapters!

All Change for the CQC!

Thoughts of CQC have been constantly in the mind of many practice managers over the last 18 months – and even those who have successfully been through the inspection process can’t ignore it now…

Say You, Say Me?

It’s that time of the year again: GP appraisals. And don’t they get in a ‘bacon bap’ about it?

Contract Review: Millions taken out of PMS practices?

Recently published by Old Geezer on the FPM Blog, this article wonders whether PMS practices should worry about the latest round of budget reductions. And with all due respect to the fair amount of optimism that strives to survive within each and every one of us, the answer could be yes…

Should Your GP Practice Leverage Social Media?

Like, follow, press, share…choosing a verb has never seemed more complicated. But help is around the corner as Liam Cowling of First Practice Management reveals his top tips for social media in a GP Practice after discussing pros and cons. It’s crispy, it’s handy, and it’s waiting for you here.

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