Digital Dictation & Speech Recognition: time to get the best of both worlds!

Digital Dictation or Speech Recognition? Front-end or back-end? The dilemma has reached to an end with GP Practices finally enjoying the flexibility and cost efficiency they longed for.

It’s time to save! Part 2: Pool resources in real-time

Last week, we discussed how to manage and cut referral costs with a central Crescendo Digital Dictation system. Today, let’s focus on yet another big savings area: how to pool secretarial resources…in just a few clicks.

A Practice without Digital Dictation… like running with the wrong shoes on! So if you want to win the NHS digital race, run a mile with the right tools in place…

Digital Dictation or Voice Recognition?

Is that the question? The Equalizer couldn’t help but investigate further as confusion seemed to prevail on the blogosphere. Is it one or the other, or is it both but in the right order? Enough questions, it’s time for answers.

The Ten Commandments of Digital Dictation

From stone to surgery, the long awaited tablets have arrived to help practices part the rough waters of a big marketing sea…


This week, the Equalizer hands the mic’ over to Ann Sainsbury, Deputy Practice Manager at The Westmoreland GP Center in Aintree. Here is her story.

Old Fire Station Surgery


Bradford-on-Avon Health Centre


The Lennard Surgery


The Magic Report Theory

OK, it’s a given. Everybody agrees that digital dictation is shrinking turnaround times from days to hours while taking GP and secretary productivity to where it should be: in the sky with diamonds. But that doesn’t answer THE question: can your digital dictation system ALSO shed crystalline light on referral patterns for you?

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