Find Out What Speech Recognition Can Do For You!

Huge strides have been made in quality, accuracy, performance and affordability of speech technology solutions. Here is why their use in healthcare is on the rise.

It’s time to save! Part 2: Pool resources in real-time

Last week, we discussed how to manage and cut referral costs with a central Crescendo Digital Dictation system. Today, let’s focus on yet another big savings area: how to pool secretarial resources…in just a few clicks.

It’s time to save…and here is how.

Chapter 1: Reduce Referrals! Cutting referral costs has never been higher on CCGs’ agenda, yet everyone seems to be left wondering how. So where are the solutions? Closer than you think.

Digital Dictation or Voice Recognition?

Is that the question? The Equalizer couldn’t help but investigate further as confusion seemed to prevail on the blogosphere. Is it one or the other, or is it both but in the right order? Enough questions, it’s time for answers.

Support Matters

I don’t know about you, but one thing that drives me nuts is calling a Support helpdesk, being promised a fix and ending up having to order the fix from Santa in December. When it’s about my home Internet access, I can get over it. But when it’s delaying healthcare delivered to 30,000 patients, it’s harder to forgive…

Wot no complaints?

Don’t get us wrong. Our customers send us comments all the time, about many things. So we’ve compiled the following list to make things clear.

Give me, Give me, Give me…Referral Visibility

My “Magic Report” thread briefly touched upon this oh-so-timely subject, but it was just a teasing sample. Now if you want the full song, keep on reading until you reach the key question: how can a Reporting tool help you regain control over your clinical and commissioning destiny in the new NHS? Here’s the answer.


This week, the Equalizer hands the mic’ over to Ann Sainsbury, Deputy Practice Manager at The Westmoreland GP Center in Aintree. Here is her story.

Which Dictation Device Should I Pick?

Originally written for small businesses, this article from Tech Edge could also prove useful to GP practices. The author lists most digital dictation hardware and software available on the marketplace today, explaining which is ideal for what. Handy!

Old Fire Station Surgery


The Lennard Surgery


The Humbleyard Practice

After a year passed without any fruit falling from our competitor’s big marketing tree, Managing Partner Cyril Lindsey started to wonder whether he was he was possibly expecting too much from digital dictation technology. Was he?

Waters Green Medical Centre

Macclesfield, Cheshire

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