Hold on, what’s this I’m hearing?

The winds of change just blew into my ears and it didn’t feel right. As it seems, the practices I spoke to just got slapped. They told me they were being charged to migrate to their supplier’s new software version, and as if one slap wasn’t enough, they’re also ‘invited’ to pay higher annual charges to keep the newborn crying. Really?

The Locum-Motion

Yes, what about them? When you call on a locum to provide extra cover during holiday or busy periods, the last things you need is for them to waste precious time learning how to use your new system. At least with DigiScribe, that’s one application off the list: it is so easy to use they can get going without any training.

It’s time to save! Part 2: Pool resources in real-time

Last week, we discussed how to manage and cut referral costs with a central Crescendo Digital Dictation system. Today, let’s focus on yet another big savings area: how to pool secretarial resources…in just a few clicks.

It’s time to save…and here is how.

Chapter 1: Reduce Referrals! Cutting referral costs has never been higher on CCGs’ agenda, yet everyone seems to be left wondering how. So where are the solutions? Closer than you think.

A Practice without Digital Dictation…

..is like running with the wrong shoes on! So if you want to win the NHS digital race, run a mile with the right tools in place…

Digital Dictation or Voice Recognition?

Is that the question? The Equalizer couldn’t help but investigate further as confusion seemed to prevail on the blogosphere. Is it one or the other, or is it both but in the right order? Enough questions, it’s time for answers.

Support Matters

I don’t know about you, but one thing that drives me nuts is calling a Support helpdesk, being promised a fix and ending up having to order the fix from Santa in December. When it’s about my home Internet access, I can get over it. But when it’s delaying healthcare delivered to 30,000 patients, it’s harder to forgive…

The Ten Commandments of Digital Dictation

From stone to surgery, the long awaited tablets have arrived to help practices part the rough waters of a big marketing sea…

Hard work never killed anyone…

In a recent Pulse article, Dr Michelle Sinclair explains how her practice reduced referral rates by 46% through GP education, cross-referral, targeting locums and use of non-GP alternatives. Fascinating…really?

Give me, Give me, Give me…Referral Visibility

My “Magic Report” thread briefly touched upon this oh-so-timely subject, but it was just a teasing sample. Now if you want the full song, keep on reading until you reach the key question: how can a Reporting tool help you regain control over your clinical and commissioning destiny in the new NHS? Here’s the answer.


This week, the Equalizer hands the mic’ over to Ann Sainsbury, Deputy Practice Manager at The Westmoreland GP Center in Aintree. Here is her story.

The Magic Report Theory

OK, it’s a given. Everybody agrees that digital dictation is shrinking turnaround times from days to hours while taking GP and secretary productivity to where it should be: in the sky with diamonds. But that doesn’t answer THE question: can your digital dictation system ALSO shed crystalline light on referral patterns for you?

The Big Bandwidth Theory

When a practice is split across several sites, can they expect their Dictation System to work across branches as fast as it would locally? Some say it’s only a matter of bandwidth, but the Equalizer doesn’t like taking questionable theories for an answer. So he investigated further.

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