Charan Sarai: Could you accomplish more by delegating?

In the ever changing NHS, with its pressures and deadlines, sometimes we can get lost in the fog with so many things that we need to have done quickly. It would be great if we could delegate, but many of us think that we haven’t the time to plan it and give thought to it – let alone process the delegation effectively.

Doctors using speech recognition to cut NHS waiting times?

The use of speech recognition tools could revolutionise the NHS by speeding up diagnosis and treatment times, but departments are slow to adopt. Several healthcare professionals share their experiences of using the firm’s tools and the benefits they bring to clinical environments.

Crescendo now part of the GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) Framework?

Indeed! The Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) procured the new framework on behalf of NHS England and Crescendo, along with 30 suppliers, has been selected as a supplier of GP IT systems for Lot 2 of the GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) framework.

Fixed term contracts –a great way to reduce costs or just a big headache?

By Jennifer Melia from First Practice Management Fixed term contracts can be a really useful tool for you as the employer in terms  to ensure work is covered in the short-term, whilst you work out whether you need a permanent post.  You can cover a period of sickness, or a maternity leave, career break or […]

How engaged are CCG members one year on?

One year ago today, CCGs formally took on their statutory responsibility for £65 billion of the NHS budget. And just over two years ago, The King’s Fund and Nuffield Trust began its joint research programme following the evolution of clinical commissioning in six CCGs. It’s time to find out how these organisations are supporting improvement in the quality of general practice.

Digital Dictation or Voice Recognition?

Is that the question? The Equalizer couldn’t help but investigate further as confusion seemed to prevail on the blogosphere. Is it one or the other, or is it both but in the right order? Enough questions, it’s time for answers.

Wot no complaints?

Don’t get us wrong. Our customers send us comments all the time, about many things. So we’ve compiled the following list to make things clear.

Say You, Say Me?

It’s that time of the year again: GP appraisals. And don’t they get in a ‘bacon bap’ about it?

Contract Review: Millions taken out of PMS practices?

Recently published by Old Geezer on the FPM Blog, this article wonders whether PMS practices should worry about the latest round of budget reductions. And with all due respect to the fair amount of optimism that strives to survive within each and every one of us, the answer could be yes…

Which Dictation Device Should I Pick?

Originally written for small businesses, this article from Tech Edge could also prove useful to GP practices. The author lists most digital dictation hardware and software available on the marketplace today, explaining which is ideal for what. Handy!

Should Your GP Practice Leverage Social Media?

Like, follow, press, share…choosing a verb has never seemed more complicated. But help is around the corner as Liam Cowling of First Practice Management reveals his top tips for social media in a GP Practice after discussing pros and cons. It’s crispy, it’s handy, and it’s waiting for you here.

Is It Time to Performance Manage Practices?

Good question. This month on, the CCGInsider reflects on challenges ahead of Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) while inviting us on a little dictionary break to define words like “engagement” and “delivery”. > Read article

Does your dictation system also manage referrals?

Ours does. So CCGs requiring more visibility over your referrals is stress-free news when you have a Crescendo system, as it comes with just the right reports to shed proper light on your referral patterns. Goodbye “phantom referrals” and Hello Cost Efficiency. Contact us to see how to make the most of your referral data!

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