Find Out What Speech Recognition Can Do For You!

Huge strides have been made in quality, accuracy, performance and affordability of speech technology solutions. Here is why their use in healthcare is on the rise.

Luton CCG rolls out Crescendo across 34 practices

Luton CCG just awarded Crescendo with funding for another six of their GP practices including the largest multi-site practice Lea Vale Medical Group.

Speech Recognition…Finally, from Fantasy to Value for Money

Speech Recognition accuracy: is this the only key to a great product? For an individual user, maybe, but not for a team of professionals involved in a rather complex documentation workflow. And that’s precisely where the Return on Investment figures get better…much better.

Saving £10,000 a year with Speech Recognition

Jonathan McCutcheon, Practice Manager, is a firm believer in technology as a way to enhance the level of service to patients…”provided you work with the right suppliers.” He tells us more about the massive savings the Benfield Park Medical Group was able to achieve with DigiScribe-XL and Dragon Medical.

Carrol, Practice Manager in Berkshire

“We have successfully used Crescendo’s digital dictation software since 2008, it transformed the way our GPs and Secretary worked and quite honestly we couldn’t now cope without it.” Rating given by Carrol to Crescendo on Practice Index:

Voice-enable your clinical system with Crescendo & Dragon Medical

Here is a video demo of how Crescendo and Dragon Medical work in sync’ to voice-enable your TPP SystmOne clinical system.

Fifty Shades of Grey Wires…

Ooops…GPs are resorting to fax and post to refer patients today after the new e-referrals system malfunctioned on June 16 and was taken offline completely. I guess that’s the thing with irritating bugs, they end up scratching more than just the surface…

Debbie, GP Practice Secretary

We have been using Crescendo for a couple of years now. It has transformed the way we work as we are on two different sites so we are able to see instantly what the typing situation is across them both.

Andrew, GP Practice Manager in Harrogate

We have been using Crescendo for 4 years and have not regretted it once. It is an efficient system for general practice, it has always worked well and I am aware that we haven’t used it to its full potential. I would recommend it to all and the support they offer is first class.

Martin, Practice Manager in SW London

“Delighted with our purchase, which both partners in the Practice became quickly acquainted with, let alone the medical secretary. Technical support, likewise, very good and importantly the installation training was personalised and on site which makes all the difference.” Rating given by Martin to Crescendo on Practice Index:

Transcription Outsourcing: who dictates the rules?

Transcription outsourcing is one of those hot-potato topics that seems to burn everyone’s mouth. But that was before Crescendo and DICT8 decided to join forces and simplify transcription outsourcing to UK based, Grade 4 Medical Secretaries when you most need them!

James, Practice Manager in Northampton

As a Practice with 4 separate surgeries, Crescendo digital dictation system was, and is, an invaluable tool in the smooth running of our Typing and Administration pool…

Melanie, Practice Manager in Barnsley

“The clinicians and admin staff at the practice are delighted with the end product, and as the product integrates with our clinical system, it has made the dictation process quicker and smoother all round.”

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