Find Out What Speech Recognition Can Do For You!

Doctor Voice RecognitionHuge strides have been made in quality, accuracy, performance and affordability of speech technology solutions. Their use in healthcare is on the rise.



dragon-medical-practice-edition3Dragon Medical Practice Edition is an easy and fast to install professional medical desktop program, tailor-made for the healthcare profession?

It features a high out-of-the-box recognition rate and combined with its productivity features including formatting, templates and medical command sets, help you achieving a time saving of an hour or more a day!

It is designed and priced especially for smaller practices, to help you deal with the challenging environment GPs are confronted with today.

 “Crescendo Speech Recognition allowed our practice to take the giant efficiency leap we had been eagerly expecting. With the £10,419 yearly savings the technology brought along, return on investment was as little as 6 months.”

Jonathan McCutcheon, Practice Manager
Benfield Park Medical Group



“Perhaps the single most important benefit is the time that is saved by using speech recognition software and in turn the reduction of stress levels.”

Dr. Ivan Camphor told Nuance recently. NHS eReferrals are done while the patient is with him in consultation – using a microphone to speak directly into the patient record.

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