Speech Recognition…Finally, from Fantasy to Value for Money

business-861327_1920For so many years people have been talking about Speech Recognition, now they are actually using it, with confidence and with high-levels of accuracy. It’s fast becoming a part of our daily lives, call centres, Smartphones and even our computers. There are many different flavours for different people with different jobs. But the outcome needs to be the same, easy to use, accurate and cost effective. And the key to success here is choosing the right products to suit the way you need to work.


Let’s focus on accuracy; the reason Crescendo chose to work with Dragon in the medical practice environment is simple. While many suppliers try to develop their own system and compensate development costs with rising support and maintenance fees, we’d rather stick to Dragon’s decade-long development track record, its 90 medical dictionaries, up to 99% out-of-the-box accuracy and zero training approach. Not to mention its impressive ability to learn from its own mistakes in the background. It’s the most proven system out there and at present nothing else comes close.

But is accuracy the only key to a great product? For an individual user, maybe, but not for a team of professionals involved in a rather complex documentation workflow. And that’s precisely where speech recognition gets better.

Workflow Flexibility

Add workflow flexibility to recognition accuracy and the recipe for success starts to make sense for General Practices. Let’s take a look at the benefits of using SR for both front-end consultation work and back-end secretarial correction:

  1. Using the same engine in the front and back ends means that the system learns two-fold. The corrections made in one mode are made available in the other, so the system learns much faster.
  2. Using the same engine for either mode means that you only need to purchase one license per voice, which will significantly reduce the investment and accelerate the payback. Similarly there is only one maintenance fee to keep the software up to date, which will lower running costs and enhance the life of the products for year to come.

One of our customers is saving £10,000 a year in typing costs: easy to gauge how quickly you could be recouping the costs. In another surgery, doctors reported saving 2.5 hours a week, turning what used to be documentation time into consultation time, benefitting both patients and the overall running of the practice.

Crescendo’s own Command packs can even automate the navigation around your favourite clinical system. Check out this video to see how to make quick and easy work out of consultations and referral letters.

And the best thing is: this is just the start. The Value for Money story is far from being over so stay tuned for the next chapter!


John Bendall, Director of UK Operations

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