Transcription Outsourcing: who dictates the rules?

digi-secretaryTranscription outsourcing is one of those hot-potato topics that seems to burn everyone’s mouth: “errr, is it secure?”, “it’s complicated”, “it’s expensive”, “I find it hard to integrate with the dictation system in place”, you name it. But that was before Crescendo and DICT8 decided to join forces, to simplify the whole process and make transcription outsourcing a fully integrated DigiScribe-XL feature. Finally, an end-to-end solution that lets you automate transcription outsourcing to UK based, Grade 4 Medical Secretaries when you most need them!

So how does it work? Good question…and since you are not the only one asking it, I decided to compile key questions and answers in this short article.

Who controls what?

Based on user rights and system configuration, this outsourcing option can be made available to authors, transcribers and administrators. Here is an overview of key user and system actions:

  • Authors can select which dictations are sent for off-site transcription.
  • Transcribers can choose to re-route dictations for off-site transcription.
  • Administrators can batch assign dictations for off-site transcription.
  • The system can be can set up to only send dictations off-site based on the work type or turnaround and trigger times (e.g.: attendance notes that have been in queue for more than 48 hours).

At any time, you can run a detailed report of which work has been sent for off-site transcription, allowing you to compare the data against DICT8’s invoices. As the dictation activity is tracked from export to final import, you can even produce turnaround reports to ensure that the predefined turnaround times have been met by DICT8. As for the document return service, it is provided by DICT8 and can be tuned to match your exact workflow using secure/encrypted file transfer directly back to your practice or via a web view and download option.


Dictations follow a 5-step journey described in this flower:


With Crescendo and DICT8, you dictate the rules in a transcription outsourcing process that has never been so simple and transparent. For more details or to request a demo, please feel free to register online here!

Cheers from the pit,

The Equalizer

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