The Spa Medical Centre

spa-medical-centre-melkshamThe Spa Medical Centre in Melksham, has expanded considerably over the last few years, servicing over 10,000 patients across the county of Wiltshire. After experiencing such significant growth, the surgery quickly discovered that a tape based dictation system would no longer be an adequate solution to keep track of their referrals. The search for a reliable, robust digital dictation system began and it soon became clear that Crescendo was the product of choice. Head Medical Secretary Lynne Beta tells us more…

The Transition to Digital

The Crescendo system was purchased with the intention of supporting 8 doctors and 3 secretaries. The software was installed remotely and the user training was clear and informative with easy to use pictorial, written and verbal communication from the Crescendo support team.

“The whole process went off without a hitch. The software is intuitive and I can honestly say we had only a few teething problems, which, with the excellent IT support, were overcome simply and efficiently.”

The Final Verdict

The practice’s GPs have fully embraced the system, they have given the secretarial team their full support on the project and feedback has been 100% positive. Furthermore the secretaries are thrilled with the software and would never go back to an analogue dictation system. The practice is seeing other improvements as well, turnaround time is now only a fraction of what it was before Crescendo and the secretarial workload is clear and transparent, as Lynne underlines:

“Why would we go back to analogue when we have a system that is efficient and with voice clarity that beats any tape based system? Urgent work can be selected at a glance thus improving our turnaround times and the full audit trail is there when we need it.”

As a burgeoning practice, the Spa Medical Centre has and will continue to experience much growth in the near future and the Crescendo system has the capabilities to grow with it. As Lynne suggests, it will be a long and fruitful partnership:

“Crescendo digital dictation supports us enormously and it is here to stay.”

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