Doctors save 2.5 hours a week with Crescendo Speech Recognition!

Buxton Medical Practice

Today, the Equalizer hands over the mic’ to the Buxton Medical Practice, a busy training practice in the heart of The Peak District. Here is their story.

The Challenge

How to increase the throughput of referral letters and other correspondence produced by the clinicians whilst reducing administration time and costs?

As a training practice with five doctors and two registrars and with extended opening hours including Saturdays, the practice is seeing more and more patients and subsequently increasing levels of correspondence. Couple that with the retirement of one of the Admin team and reducing revenues, something needed to be done.

One solution would have been to simply employ more administration staff. However with budgets being cut this would have a serious financial impact on the practice. So Buxton decided to look at technology to solve their problem.

The Solution

David Doig, Practice Manager at the Buxton Medical Practice, requested an onsite demonstration of the Crescendo Solution. At the demonstration, Crescendo were able to demonstrate how the practice would be able manage the increasing transcription requirement without having to replace the retiree. The solution was to implement Crescendo’s market leading digital dictation solution, DigiScribe-XL integrated with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2. But the proof of the pudding, as they say, is in the eating so Crescendo offered a 30 day free trial.

Doctors now dictate using a USB connected Microphone. Once submitted, the dictation is ‘recognised’ in the background and forwarded to the secretary with the text and voice files. The secretary simply has to correct the odd word rather than transcribe the document from scratch, thus reducing the typing time dramatically. But there’s more, as David explains:

“With Crescendo Speech Recognition, doctors can now dictate anything they would have normally typed, including emails and consultation notes, which are now dictated straight into EMIS WEB. This has allowed them to save 2.5 hours a week!”

The Crescendo Solution also allows the doctors to dictate anything they would have normally typed. So instead of typing consultation notes the doctors dictate straight into EMIS WEB; instead of typing emails, they are now also dictated.

Outperforming Expectations

A week after installation, the secretary was asked how much time she was saving, was it 50%?

“More like 75%. It’s so easy, I hardly have to change anything”.

So the challenge has been answered, Buxton Medical Practice don’t need to employ another secretary. But what of the doctors…

The GP’s primary focus is patient care. Admin tasks such as typing up notes and writing emails etc. eat up time that could be spent with patients. Allowing clinicians to dictate directly into these systems dramatically reduces the time they have to spend on Admin tasks.

When asked, the doctors agreed they were saving in excess of half an hour a day on these tasks and what’s more they were able to create more comprehensive clinic notes and still save time as it is so much quicker talking rather than typing.

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