Hold on, what’s this I’m hearing?

The winds of change just blew into my ears and it didn’t feel right. As it seems, the practices I spoke to just got slapped. They told me they were being charged to migrate to their supplier’s new software version, and as if one slap wasn’t enough, they’re also ‘invited’, kindly but surely, to pay higher annual charges to keep the newborn crying.

Now charging them for Smartphone dictation on top of everything would be adding injury to insult, wouldn’t it? While I’m left wondering why anyone would do such a thing to their valued customers, others seem to be saying “why not?”

So let me pull up my little Windows calculator instead and see what this all means for a practice with 10 doctors and 3 secretaries: that’s almost a £600 increase per year when you add up the increased annual support and monthly Smartphone licenses.


That’s what Barney Stinson would call breaking the Bro Code. And last time I checked the table of contents, there was a part about software upgrades not being an extra chargeable service, but a decent thing for a supplier to do to keep its customers happy. And when you use a digital dictation system in twenty fourteen, why should you be charged for the sole privilege of leveraging the most commonly used device on Planet Earth?

So if you’re looking for free software upgrades, lower fixed support fees and free Smartphone dictation all wrapped up in bullet-proof technology, you know where to find Crescendo. There’s nothing legendary about our price list, it just makes sense in today’s tough reality.

Cheers with sour ears,

The Equa – wait for it – lizer.

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