The Acle Medical Centre, Norfolk

Acle Medical CentrePractice Manager Grace Yorke tells us how the Crescendo system was installed, accepted and provides increased efficiency within her practice:

Having learned a little of Crescendo’s capabilities at an exhibition, the feature which most caught my attention was the feature to prioritise the workload, thus saving post-it notes and searching through a tape for the urgent referral. The presentation to GPs and administrators was excellent. The Crescendo team has an excellent understanding of the product and how GP surgeries function. As the product addressed all our needs, and more, we did not feel the need to compare other systems.

It has revolutionised the way we work and although it is early days still, I am convinced this has saved secretarial time. The letters are up to date and often turned around within the hour. With a dynamic dictation facility, the work is there instantly, no more building up of tapes and our antiquated system of labelling a tape with the priority contents is thankfully obsolete. With a minimum of training all use the system, can see the secretarial workload, and have the confidence that they can use this to remind them of a need to dictate.

“The doctors love it, the secretaries love it.”

The secretaries appreciate it because the voice quality is so much clearer than on the old system. They find that doctors are no longer storing dictation therefore they receive a steady work flow. Also there are no worries about tapes being wiped by accident.

The doctors enjoy it because the system is reliable, and they know that priority is given to urgent items. This did take them a little while to adjust to, but they now have full confidence in the system and would not wish to revert back.

Last but not least

The DigiConsole workflow monitor is excellent as it shows the overall picture. You can tell if dictations are backing up, so we can ask others to take over some of the work when the secretarial team has finished for the day. You can also monitor efficiency within the team, obtaining reports on throughput, etc. with ease.

We have rarely needed any support as the system is so simple and reliable. Before and after sales service is excellent. We would recommend Crescendo to other practices without hesitation!

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